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What are the advantages of camping on a cycling holiday

So you’ve decided to go on a cycling holiday. But where are you going to stay each night? If you start looking at B&Bs and hotels, the costs per night soon add up and when you add onto that the cost of eating out every night, you’re looking at what was an inexpensive holiday becoming very expensive. So why not consider camping?

Money saving
There are a number of advantages to sleeping in a tent. The first one is that it will undoubtedly save you money. The cost of a campsite is much cheaper than a B&B or hotel. If you don’t already have the necessary equipment, you could borrow it or pick it up cheaply at a discount sports store. All you really need are a tent, sleeping bag, small stove and a plate and cup and then a big rucksack or bike panniers to carry it all. holiday

If you have booked B&Bs for your cycling holiday, you are committed to getting to them at the end of the day, no matter what. So even if it is pouring with rain, or the road is hillier than you expected, you have to keep going to reach your booked accommodation. But if you have a tent, you can stop where you like and when you like. If you see a campsite that you fancy but it’s only lunchtime, nothing is stopping you from staying there and making up the distance tomorrow. Camping gives you flexibility that booked accommodation does not.

Camping is fun! Cooking your food on your little stove, having a wander round the campsite chatting to other campsites, unzipping the tent door and gazing at the stars from the warmth of your sleeping bag – all of these are some of the great things you can do while on a campsite and not in a B&B. You will make memories to last a lifetime.