What are the best coast to coast cycle trails in the UK?

There are various coast to coast cycle trails within the United Kingdom, all of which are very challenging to even the most experienced cyclist.

Out of all the coast to coast cycle trails, the most well known starts from Whitehaven and finishes at Sunderland. This is definitely one of the most challenging in the United Kingdom. It is roughly 132 miles, taking riders across the north of the Lake District and also through the Pennines. This particular route is often offered as a weekend holiday package and can take up to four days to complete. holiday

Another popular coast to coast cycle route is known as the Hadrian’s Cycleway. Hadrian’s Cycle way, is a 174 mile route, which takes the cyclists alongside Hadrian’s Wall as they travel from Ravenglass to South Shields. This route across the United Kingdom is known to cyclists as going ‘coast to coast the Roman way,’ as its destination is the Arbeia Roman Fort at South Shields. Definitely a different way to view the historic wall.

Another fascinating coast to coast route, which encompasses the breadth of the United Kingdom, is that of the coast to coast Lakes and Dales cycle. It is a route of 160 miles and begins on the west coast of England at Workington. The cycle trail passes over the Cumbrian mountains and then through the Lake District national park before finally finishing at Whitby Bay on the east coast.

A very different but equally as challenging coast to coast trail is that of the Devon coastal route. This journey starts from the idyllic location of Ilfracombe and ends at Plymouth. It is a ride of approximately 102 miles consisting of stunning beaches as well as thrilling views of Dartmoor.

Un-disputably the most famous coast to coast cycle trail is that of Land’s End to John o’ Groats. Cycling from Land’s End to John o’ Groats is the furthest possible distance to travel in the United Kingdom, covering nearly 1000 miles, making it the most challenging of routes.

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